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The Anti-Racist Writing Workshop: Decolonize Your Classroom

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The fall 2023 webinar series continues this month with an exciting presentation from Felicia Rose-Chavez who will present "a new approach for a new millennium--a blueprint for a twenty-first-century writing workshop that concedes the humanity of people of color so that we may raise our voices in vote for love over hate." This session will include select readings from Rose-Chavez's book The Anti-Racist Writing Workshop: How To Decolonize the Creative Classroom. Can't wait to see you there!


Upcoming Webinars

Past Webinars

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Teaching for Change Reading Fast and Slow
Access password: ?@=DA1Qv
Carol Jago 12/1/2020
Spring ERWC Online Professional Learning Exploring the ERWC Online Community WebSite, with a Focus on Teaching ERWC in Virtual Classrooms Chris Street and Lori Campbell 4/10/2020
Spring ERWC Online Professional Learning Deeper Discussions: How to Create and Sustain Meaningful Interaction in Online Discussions Chris Street and Lori Campbell 4/21/2020
The Language and Literacy Webinar Series The Rhetoric of Poetry

The ERWC community is pleased to kickoff its Spring webinar series with a very special guest, Daniel Summerhill. In this session, Daniel will explore the connection between rhetoric and poetry and his work to transform language for the purposes of social action, community building, and truth-telling.

Daniel B. Summerhill is Professor of Poetry/Social Action and Composition Studies at California State University Monterey and the inaugural Poet Laureate of Monterey County, CA. He is the author of Divine, Divine, Divine (Nomadic Press), a semifinalist for the Charles B. Wheeler Prize. Summerhill holds an M.F.A. from Pine Manor College (Solstice). He received the Sharon Olds Fellowship and was nominated to Everipedia’s 30 under 30 list.

Daniel Summerhill 1/18/2023
The Language and Literacy Webinar Series Exploring a Translanguaging Approach to Bilingual Education Danling Fu 11/16/2022
Going LIVE! Teaching Counterstory in the Secondary Classroom Dr. Aja Martinez 10/14/2021
The Language and Literacy Webinar Series A Principled Approach to Writing

Welcome Anne Whitney as she joins our three-part webinar series on writing in the classroom. Anne will introduce the key elements of NCTE's "Principled Approach to Writing" and discuss how they impact writing instruction.

Dr. Anne Whitney is a former high school English teacher. Her research addresses writing and how writing works in school and life. This work has included studies in elementary, secondary, college, and professional development settings and non-school contexts such as churches.

Dr. Anne Whitney 3/16/2023
Teaching for Change Linguistic Justice: Black Language, Literacy, Identity, and Pedagogy
Access password: ZM.m.N!8
Dr. April Baker-Bell 3/16/2021
Going LIVE! Exploring Grammar Instruction Dr. Darren Crovitz 12/2/2021
Going LIVE! Cultivating Genius and Joy Dr. Gholdy Muhammad 11/4/2021
Going LIVE! Unpacking Universal Design for Learning: Practices for Building Equitable Classrooms Dr. Ginny Crisco 8/25/2021
Going LIVE! Teaching Literature Rhetorically: Transferring the Rhetorical Skills Emphasized in the ERWC Curriculum to the Teaching of Literature Dr. Jennifer Fletcher 9/23/2021
The Language and Literacy Webinar Series Authentic Writing Instruction

Nadia will share her research into "authentic" writing instruction and offer strategies for building a robust writing program at the high school and middle school levels.

Nadia Behizadeh is an associate professor of adolescent literacy in the College of Education & Human Development’s Department of Middle and Secondary Education. She is also a co-director for the Center for Equity and Justice in Teacher Education. In addition to her scholarly activities, Behizadeh teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in educational research and theory, English language arts methods and content literacy.

Dr. Nadia Behizadeh 4/19/2023
Spring ERWC Online Professional Learning Guiding Students into Making Real-World Writing Decisions Using "The Daily Me" (Part 1) Jeffery E. Frieden 4/28/2020
Spring ERWC Online Professional Learning Guiding Students into Making Real-World Writing Decisions Using "The Daily Me" (Part 2) Jeffery E. Frieden 5/5/2020
Spring ERWC Online Professional Learning Tools and Strategies for Moving ERWC Courses Online
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Jen Roberts 4/14/2020
Spring ERWC Online Professional Learning Ready to Launch? Converting Your ERWC Module to a Digital Course Jen Roberts 4/16/2020
Going LIVE! Writing Live(s): Joining the Community of ERWC Bloggers with Jennifer Fletcher and Jonathon Medeiros Jennifer Fletcher and Jonathon Medeiros 5/12/2022
In The Classroom Kelly Gallagher Presents In the Classroom

The Fall 2023 Webinar series kicks off with a very special guest. ERWC, in conjunction with the CSU Chancellor's Office, is proud to welcome Kelly Gallagher to our webinar community. Kelly Gallagher is the author of multiple books, including 180 Days: Two Teachers and their Quest to Engage and Empower Adolescents, Readicide, Write Like This: Teaching Real-World Writing through Modeling & Mentor Texts, and Reading Reasons: Motivational Mini-Lessons for Middle and High School.


Recording Unavailable.

Kelly Gallagher 9/21/2023
Going LIVE! Reviving and Reinventing Sentence-Level Writing Instruction Martin Brandt 2/17/2022
Teaching for Change Better, Faster, and More Equitable Feedback
Access password: 2!#H#0t&
Matthew Johnson 4/20/2021
The Language and Literacy Webinar Series Confronting Challenges in Teaching ELA and Writing Instruction

Welcome back Matthew Johnson as he joins us for a discussion on some of the biggest issues facing teaching middle and high school students today, and how these changes impact writing instruction.

Matthew Johnson is a father, husband, and English language arts teacher in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is also a contributing writer for the New York Times Learning Network, EdWeek, and Edutopia and blogs regularly about writing instruction and pedagogy at

Matthew Johnson 2/16/2023
Teaching for Change Developing Your "Talking Game": How to Lead Meaningful Race Conversations in the Classroom

(Recording not available)

Matthew Kay 1/19/2021
Going LIVE! Hitting for Contact: Consistent Success in Race Conversations Matthew Kay 2/24/2022
Spring ERWC Online Professional Learning Fostering Deeper Online Discussions in Synchronous (Real Time) and Asynchronous Formats Mira-Lisa Katz and Heather Howlett 5/12/2020
Going LIVE! Structuring Classroom Talk to Improve Student Literacy Nelson Graff 3/23/2022
The Language and Literacy Webinar Series Building Classroom Community through Civil Discourse

This session will examine a cross-curricular approach to developing and maintaining a strong classroom community even in the face of contentious topics. Nichelle will introduce her strategies for promoting civil discourse--an alternative to either avoiding or fighting our way through contentious topics--to foster meaningful, thought-provoking classroom discussions.

Nichelle Pinkney 10/19/2022
The Language and Literacy Webinar Series Deepening Our Understanding of Transfer of Learning

Literacy strategies acquired in language arts classrooms are not exclusive to language arts; yet students often fail to recognize how to transfer them to other learning situations. Teaching students how to recognize the transferability of skills and strategies is therefore part of the learning process, and it begins with structuring your unit plans. Join the ERWC community as we kick-off our 2022/23 “Language and Literacy” webinar series with Trevor Aleo—co-author of the book “Learning That Transfers: Designing Curriculum for a Changing World”—who will explore the real-world possibilities of teaching for transfer.

Trevor Aleo 9/15/2022
Teaching for Change Talking and Teaching about Race in the Classroom
Access password: VV.6L!Xg
Tricia Ebarvia 2/17/2021