The ERWC is the intellectual property of the California State University, and all ERWC materials are under strict copyright authorization. Links and materials available from the ERWC curriculum are for use ONLY by ERWC-certified professionals. The ERWC is not an open-source curriculum, and our permission agreements with the copyright holders of module texts require that these materials are only accessible through ERWC's password-protected Web site. The module student versions and the reading selections may be duplicated and distributed for student use only.


Posting student versions and readings in digital formats is permissible, BUT ONLY IF they are posted behind a password-protected Web site or learning management system (LMS) such as Canvas, Schoology, Blackboard, etc. that is only available to students enrolled in your classes. ERWC materials may NOT be posted on public Web sites. This includes school or course Web sites that may be accessed via a general search. In addition to violating intellectual property rights, such usage also makes content from the teacher versions of the modules (including sample student responses) available to ERWC students throughout our multi-state literacy network.


While the ERWC modules, resources, and introductory professional learning experiences are available free of charge, conditions of use include the certification of all teachers teaching the course and the protection of intellectual property rights, both the CSU's and those of the authors who have generously allowed us to use their work.


Please help us to maintain the integrity of the curriculum and our permission agreements by not distributing ERWC materials outside of our password-protected Web site.


Questions regarding these terms of use may be directed to Zee Cline, Interim Director for ERWC, CSU Chancellor's Office,