These are the recorded Zoom webinars from our spring ERWC Online Professional Learning series.

  1. Exploring the ERWC Online Community WebSite, with a Focus on Teaching ERWC in Virtual Classrooms
  2. Tools and Strategies for Moving ERWC Courses Online Access Password n9^&&!&0
  3. Ready to Launch? Converting Your ERWC Module to a Digital Course
  4. Deeper Discussions: How to Create and Sustain Meaningful Interaction in Online Discussions
  5. Guiding Students into Making Real-World Writing Decisions Using "The Daily Me" (Part 1)
  6. Guiding Students into Making Real-World Writing Decisions Using "The Daily Me" (Part 2)
  7. Fostering Deeper Online Discussions in Synchronous (Real Time) and Asynchronous Formats (Resources for the session)

The first episode from our ERWC Podcast Series is available here.


      1. Episode One- Chris Street is interviewed by Jeffery E. Frieden about how the
          ERWC Team adapted quickly to our forced move into virtual instruction (18 minutes)


Recordings from ERWC Webinar Series: Teaching for Change

  1. Reading Fast and Slow (Carol Jago) Access Password ?@=DA1Qv
  2. Recording for Developing Your "Talking Game": How to Lead Meaningful Race Conversations in the Classroom (Matthew Kay) not available.
  3. Talking and Teaching about Race in the Classroom (Tricia Ebarvia) Access Password VV.6L!Xg
  4. Recording for Linguistic Justice: Black Language, Literacy, Identity, and Pedagogy (Dr. April Baker-Bell) is available under the "Videos" tab in the ERWC Online Community. 
  5. Better, Faster, and More Equitable Feedback (Matthew Johnson) Access Password: 2!#H#0t& 

Recordings from ERWC Webinar Series: Going LIVE!

       1. Unpacking Universal Design for Learning: Practices for Building Equitable Classrooms (Dr. Ginny Crisco)

       2.  Teaching Literature Rhetorically: Transferring the Rhetorical Skills Emphasized in the ERWC Curriculum to the Teaching of Literature (Dr. Jennifer Fletcher)

            Click here for Presentation Slides

       3. Teaching Counterstory in the Secondary Classroom (Dr. Aja Martinez) 

           Click here for Resources

       4. Recording for Cultivating Genius and Joy (Dr. Gholdy Muhammad) not available.

           Click here for Cultivating Genius and Joy Resources

           Click here for ERWC resources connected to this webinar

       5. Exploring Grammar Instruction (Dr. Darren Crovitz) 

          Click here for Resources

       6. Reviving and Reinventing Sentence-Level Writing Instruction (Martin Brandt)

       7. Hitting for Contact: Consistent Success in Race Conversations (Matthew Kay)

       8. Structuring Classroom Talk to Improve Student Literacy (Nelson Graff)